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Phonedrone is a multi-synth. Lots of sound possibilities. The best source is the old telephone dial, the perfect analog tremolo. On the left a Drone Lab module, four oscillators with tremolo and filter combinations. Under this module there is a wooster audio space baby delay. Also a Silicon Fuzz. On the right there is a Synare. The red dot is where the sensor is. So, if touched, the synare sound comes up. The phone dial is a tremolo effect. It is plugged into the output of the last device, a bleeplab’s Nebulophone. The Nebulophone is attached to the keyboard like switches. If the botton is pressed, the note or arpeggio is played. If the switch is turned on, the note or the arpeggio keep playing. The VU metter shows the Drone Lab’s tremolo frequency. The patch bay on the right is where you send the signals trough efx or directly to the output. Dexter Salutti is the man who played it for the first time. Watch the video.

Here are two nice sound samples of this peculiar Synth:

Phonedrone’s notes and arps
Phonedrone’s drones and synare

And here are a few more pictures.

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