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Here is a classic style synth. It is a powerful suitcase instrument, ideed !

• Three Musically Accurate VCOs (sawtooth and variable width rectangular wave forms, pulse width modulation, hard-sync, log and linear CV inputs)
• VCOs provide plenty of tracking range. Listen to the samples below
• White Noise Generator
• Active Mixer (for VCOs, noise and external input)
• Voltage Controlled LP Filter (12db/Oct doubles as a sine wave oscillator)
• Voltage Controlled Amplifier (log response)
• Attack Release Envelope Generator
• Two Low Frequency Oscillators (square, ramp, tri and sawtooth waveforms)
• Repeat Gate Generator (doubles as another square wave LFO)
• Sample & Hold (with variable sample rate and glide)
• Attenuator Bank (for an infinite variety of modulation patches)
• Patch Panel Design (provides infinitely variable combinations of sounds)

All PCBS are from MFOS.
Thanks to Ray Willson.

Some of sounds, some self oscillate patches.

El Diablo 1
El Diablo 2

here are some pictures of the Reco-Synth El Diablo.

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